Sunday, 6 March 2011

Governor's Letter

Mr Ibison's letter of 28th Febuary sets out four advantages that Academy status would bestow. 

I responded with a list of questions that I assume many will be asking.  See below.

I will post any response here.

At the outset, I want to make it clear that I don't understand why Garstang would join in with this goverments dismantling of the state education system for so little gain. 

I don't share this vision: whatever it is...someone will have to show it to me.

The school web page kicks off with the words "Our Shared Vision."  Well, I hope they will live up to that.

Here are the questions I put:

Who are the proposed sponsors of GHS Academy status?

What is the proposed timeline envisaged in proceeding towards Academy status?

Which key stakeholder groups are involved in the consultation process? What consultation meetings, with what groups, have taken place thus far, and what further meetings are planned? Are the minutes of any such meetings that have taken place between governors, stakeholders or the LEA available? Are any meetings of the staff, or the parents/guardians of pupils planned in order to discuss the proposal?

Please quantify the monies spent by the LA on GHS’s behalf in the last financial year, indicating on what those monies were spent? Please could you also outline the present budgetary position and how you envisage a change to Academy status affecting that position.
    How will staff terms and conditions be protected in the event of centralised cuts to school budgets being imposed by government/s in the future? Will staff remuneration track increases in nationally negotiated agreements under Academy status?

    On transfer to Academy status, will GHS become a charity or a limited company or a trust or some other legal entity?

    Will any current rules relating to SEN admissions, exclusions, staff, the composition of the governing body or any other existing rules be written into the proposed Academy agreement?

    Under Academy status, what will be the arrangements for either parents or pupils to challenge or complain about the functioning of the school, or other matters currently dealt with by the LEA and/or the courts? How will independent abitration of disputes be managed?

    May I also invite you to share your vision for the future for Garstang High School at a website I have created for that purpose. The web address is:

    I would also be very grateful if you could, through the school, issue notification of this facility to all parents, guardians and teachers at the school so that as many as possible can share their views and join in the debate.

    Thank you etc etc...............

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