Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Schools Cash In On Academy Status

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Schools that convert to academy status reap a big funding bonus, but could this be at the expense of more needy schools? Warwick Mansell reports

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  1. Any school who benefits at the cost of another school should consider it a very hollow victory. Education should be fair and money should be given where it is needed most to help ALL students, not just the ones who find themselves in schools deemed suitable for conversion to academy status. What happens to the others? Should we take the stance of 'stuff you, I'm ok' or do we have a moral responsibility to ensure that all our kids have an equal chance? Is it fair to take money away from the local community and yet then claim that Garstang High is still a community school? Why should other schools in the area receive less, need more and be left to struggle just so Garstang High can benefit financially for, at best, a year. The very idea of an academy is immoral and unethical and it sets school against school, dividing rather than uniting our education system. Shame on anyone who considers this a good idea.