Thursday, 26 May 2011

Public Meeting

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A public meeting  to discuss the proposed conversion of GHS to an academy took place at the Crofters Hotel last night.

The meeting was very well attended, although regrettably, no representatives of the school governors or management team were in attendance to explain the thinking behind the proposed move, or to respond to any questions parents wanted to put.

Many had come, not only hoping to hear a detailed explanation of how and why the move to academy status would be of benefit to the school, but also to question how the move would effect such matters as school governance, accountability, special needs provision, effects on staff and pupils, the wider effect on the Lancashire family of schools and on education policy and provision in general.

In this regard then, from the schools point of view, it seems that meaningful consultation consists of a few bullet point letters to parents informing them that academy status would be a 'good thing', a few press releases, an invitation to write in to the school expressing your views, or to make an appointment to go into the school to discuss matters further.

Well, I think it would be fair to say, that a consensus view of the meeting last night would hold that that approach amounts to treating the legitimate concerns of significant stakeholder groups with a sort of withering contempt in the face of what may well be the most significant change to take place at GHS over its entire history.

In the remaining three or so weeks before the governors hold an EGM to make a final decision, all that parents and others can do is to contact the school directly and make it clear that this really is not quite good enough.

What on earth is the rush?


  1. I heard that parents from feeder school had couse for concern?

  2. Yes, that is correct: there were concerns about how GHS would fair under academy status, stability, staff morale, performance etc and also how the academies program will impact on school funding formulas across the board.